Private Individual Coaching

We offer individual training sessions to focus on each players specialization and where they feel they may need improvement. We take the input from each player and design their session to fit their specific request. We are fully dedicated to help our players develop, improve their craft and ultimately reach their full potential! In addition, we hope to become a mentor through their athletic journey and provide them with the tools to help them reach and surpass the goals they have for themselves!

On-Field Video Analysis

Video is a valuable tool. We can learn so much just by watching ourselves. As part of training, we include on-field video analysis. This way we can analyze different parts of each players swing, body position, plant foot position, etc. and physically show the player where they can be more efficient. After each session we send all film to the player with feedback from the session.

True Preparation

Our training sessions and small groups are designed to prepare our athletes for game day. This is accomplished through focus on specific skillsets, situational kicking and mental preparation for what they may encounter. We also provide tips on practice planning and film study to help our athletes get the upper hand and become valuable assets on game day! Over half of our athletes that have earned college opportunities earned starting roles as Freshman. We truly aim to help our athletes become the best they can be!

Years of Knowledge and Experience

We have trained and/or worked with NFL, College (FBS, FCS, DII, DIII and NAIA), dozens of High School specialists, and multiple specialist coaches. Our years of experience kicking, studying kicking, punting, snapping and learning from other specialist coaches throughout our lives has allowed us to amass knowledge that we are eager to pass on to the next generation. We strive to help all of the players that we coach become the specialist that they dream of being, and to help them develop valuable skills that allow them to become difference makers for their special teams units!

Recruiting Advice

College recruiting is often misunderstood by high school athletes and their families. And as individuals who have been through the recruitment process, we include recruiting advice as part of our training package. This includes:

  • How to be proactive in your college search
  • How to respond to coaches and help with initial contact
  • Help narrowing your college search (Pros & Cons)
  • Help with exposure getting your name out there
  • Help with recruiting video

"If it involves any facet of kicking a football, Dylan knows how to get the most out of each athlete. His knowledge and passion for this most important aspect of football is second to none." - Parent of TK&P Trainee

"His teaching is highly methodical, easy to understand and very comprehensive." -Parent of TK&P Trainee